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On this episode of ‘Stories Behind the Photo’, it’s a photo of myself and Tony “Rok” Rokov. Tony was a commando in the Australian Special Forces and a personal friend of mine. We attended Advanced Free Fall together and spent many a day and night shooting the sh*t.

In 2015 he had a young boy in tandem and a freak gust of wind sent them barreling to the ground. He would wrap up his passenger and take the brunt of the impact, costing him his life and saving the life of the young boy. Tony was a warrior and a friend.

‘Stories Behind the Photo’ is a series where I delve into the context of what’s happening in some of my war photos.

My Background: I am a former Special Forces SGM that started my career as an 11B or basic infantryman, and became a Special Forces 18B weapons specialist and served 9 combat rotations overseas. I served as a Sniper, Assaulter, JTAC, TSE expert, Free Fall jumpmaster and more.
I served in 3rd SFG, 10th SFG, USASOC, 19th SFG, and the CIA as a GRS officer protecting Case Officers overseas. I have a Bachelors degree in Homeland Security/Crisis Management and I appreciate you all tuning in!

I own Fieldcraft Survival LLC, in Heber City, Utah where we specialize in teaching civilians to be prepared for the worst case scenario. First Aid, Mindset, Fitness, Tactics, Mobility, and so much more.

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